FVI : French veterinary expertise in training and technical cooperation

FVI (France Vétérinaire International) is the focal point for French expertise in veterinary science and activities, and is responsible for gathering, coordinating and promoting French veterinary expertise worldwide.

FVI is an operational structure of coordination and management built as a dynamic network of public and private bodies which take part in FVI structure as a group.

FVI has access to a wide range of expertise in the veterinary sector and is a strong asset of a consortium for the identification of highly competent experts for activities related to food safety, animal health, animal welfare, laboratories diagnostics, veterinary training and research, support to veterinary administrations, audit and assessment.

FVI brings its partners a very strong networking capacity at EU and International level in these fields.

Operating members take part in a global network structured around core business of specialized veterinary expertise. FVI members, which have multiple and complementary expertise, include public institutions (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishery, Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, National Veterinary Colleges, National School of Veterinary Services, Centre for Veterinary Technician Training, French Agronomic Research Centre for International Development, French Food Environment and Labour Safety Agency, French Association for Managers and Executives of Public Veterinary Laboratories), and private organizations (the NGO “Agronomist and Veterinary without borders”, the French Private group for international veterinary cooperation gathering most of the practitioners, the “Institut de l’Elevage” and Industry of Veterinary drugs and reagents Union).

FVI members participate regularly in the implementation of european programmes as BTSF (Better Training for Safer Food) and TAIEX (Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument) : organization of seminars, expert missions and study visits.

FVI has joined different consortiums as a partner within twinnings and implementation of several BTSF as “Organization and implementation of food security training activities in Africa , “Food rules and Food import requirement” and “Audit Systems and Internal Auditing”.

Through its participation in these programmes, FVI has acquired a significant experience in the organisation of regional training workshops and sustained training missions.


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