UNE (Former AENOR)


The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE (former AENOR) (www.une.org), is a private, non profit-making Spanish body, developing activities of standardisation and international cooperation, whose objectives are to contribute to the improvement of the quality for enterprises, their products and services, as well as to the protection of the environment. UNE is the national member of international, European and regional standardisation bodies ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI and adhered member of the Pan-American Commission for Technical Standards (COPANT), participating actively in technical committees for the elaboration of international, European and national standards in all industrial sectors, including agro industry and food sector standards, establishing a worldwide net with related organisations (administrations, laboratories, universities, manufacturers, consumer associations, etc.)


UNE (former AENOR) owns a laboratory, AENORLaboratorio, that offers an efficient testing service, of great use to those sectors involved with food in some way (raw materials, processing industry, distribution and services) as well as for Administration, quality guarantees and security, enabling thorough food testing to be carried out and analysing all factors involved in food preparation, with the sole purpose of offering safe, quality products to consumers. AENOR laboratory is approved by the ENAC (Spanish Accreditation body) in order to conduct microbiological, physical and chemical analyses on food and drinking water.

The Spanish Association for Standardisation started supporting cooperation and technical assistance actions in 1990, as AENOR, related to quality infrastructure, facilitating trade exchanges, regional integration and the dissemination of the quality culture. Since 2000 AENOR has participated and managed a number of projects related to the strengthening of national food control systems. Experience has been acquired in organising workshops, seminars, study tours and internships for third countries.

UNE (former AENOR) has obtained an extensive experience in the management and implementation of projects financed within the initiative “Better Training for Safer Food”.

UNE has ability to recruit experts with high technical competence in industrial and food sectors, organising materials and logistics and coordinating the actions with the Competent Authorities and beneficiaries. In 2000, the European Commission nominated AENOR as mandated body to undertake PHARE Twinning projects for the institutional building within the framework of quality infrastructure in the candidate countries for the European Union enlargement (Slovenia, Lithuania, Republic of Slovakia and Bulgaria) and has undertaken projects in Candidate and neighboring countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin-America and Asia.

UNE is also member of the International Committee for Food products ISO/TC 34, CEN/TC 194 “Utensils in contact with food”, and CEN/TC 275 “Structure”, with Working Groups on Pesticides in foods of plant origin, Biotoxins, Microbial contamination, Trace elements, Food allergens, genetically modified foodstuff, etc. It has therefore access to a wide network of European experts in the domain of food safety and to identify possible tutors in a number of European countries.